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We created GKR for the same reason that you have landed on our page: We have a passion for cars and motorsports, and we have a strong appetite for all of the products that go along with that passion. After years of buying through the normal channels, one thing was clear: We can do better.
We’ve been there. Scouring the web for backordered tires right before a track day. Waiting too long for a seller to ship, only to find out they don’t even have the product in stock, after fighting through their phone system. We’re as tired of it as you are, which is why our #1 priority at GKR is to get you the stuff you need, when you need it, period.
We want to make sure you are making informed decisions, and only using the right products on your car. You won't find any marketing fluff from the manufacturers here. What you will find, are comprehensive stats and info on how our products perform, and why any given tire, oil, or brake pad is the right one for YOU. After all, we use this stuff too.

Zach Goldberg

Zach has been involved in founding 5 businesses in the last 10 years, three of them high tech companies and two in the automotive & racing industry. He has a track record for bringing the latest in high technology to bear on hard problems that are directly tied to customer satisfaction. Zach is responsible for our internal business and technology processes and oversees key customer relationships. Zach has been involved in amateur road racing and gokarting for 5 years, and daily drives a 1985 Porsche 944 that he rebuilt from the ground up.

Omar Koukaz

Omar has been into cars, business and technology since the days of dial-up modems and AOL CD-mailers. He’s been selling, in one capacity or another, since 1992. When not selling high performance car parts, or enterprise software, you can find him playing ice hockey, guitar, or poker. Omar graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and is a proud Philadelphia sports fan.

Nik Romano

Nik is our resident racing and performance expert. He has been in and around racecars since he was 9 years old. With countless wins, championships, P1 qualifiers, and lap records under his belt in dozens of different cars he knows what it takes to go fast and consistently finish at the front. If GKR sells it, you can be sure that Nik has used it and can explain how and why it works.

Product Philosophy


Did you know that many “synthetic” oils aren’t really fully synthetic? We carry oils that are 100% ester based, meaning there are no half-truths or marketing gimmicks; just the best oil money can buy for absolute protection, proven to provide the highest quality lubrication in the extreme conditions of high performance applications. Ester oils adhere better to different surfaces, including today’s high tech plasma and DLC coatings, and they can help to quiet engines for smoother running. They are also much more resistant to shearing and depletion of additive packages, meaning you don’t lose protection between oil changes.


With so many different tires out there that all make similar claims, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your car and your needs. Are all 200 treadwear tires the same? What about all R-Compounds? Not even close. Some tires focus more on longevity, some on outright grip. Some work best on modified cars with lots of camber, some are well suited to stock cars. Some reward tidy driving, while others like to be blasted around turns sideways. The right tire for you all depends on what you are looking to achieve from it, and we are here to help you find the perfect set every time.

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