Garage Star 1990-2005 Miata Fender Braces (Archived)


Product Description

Garage Star fender braces help eliminate the rattle and cowl shake that you have with some Miatas. Over the past year we’ve been doing numerous amounts of track and street testing on the fender braces. We have gone through 3 different designs before going with our current design. On the track our drivers have found the braces to help with keeping the car stable on high speed turns.For daily use I’ve found that is help my car by getting rid of my mild cowl shake I had at 70 mph and had less rattle and shaking over bumpy roads. It also made the car more stable while having fun on those on and off ramps.

Weight of one bracket is just 2.8 pounds!

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Installed mine over the weekend. As others have said these are super light and well made. Fitment was spot on and really like the details such as captive nuts on the backing plates which help with installation.
Definite improvement in front end stiffness. !


These braces do add something for the on track guys also. as said earlier for dd-ing the small bumps, wash board, pot holes, etc now get sucked up with a nice thump and not the usual noises that one hears when hitting these. on the track it add great feeling through the steering wheel. the two big things i noticed was the response in mid corner (i could play around with the steering as i pleased, either inducing understeer if i try to push the front just a little to hard, but the feeling was right there, i could easily feel the fronts giving up and dial back the angle maybe between 2-5 degrees) also the bumps didnt upset the front end as much. this was noticed when going through a corner and the loaded front tire hit a bump, it soaked it up much better compared to without the brace. i to agree with tracing the bottom door jam before loosing it up, it will make life easier. my time of install was not recorded as i already had my fenders removed from another project, but i wouldnt say longer than 2 hours if you have all the linings and such removed, if not side for 3-4

Justin Ross

Ok, so I’ve had these on for a couple of days now, and I am glad to report that they do indeed do something. lol

After driving around for a couple of days, I have noticed that my car rides smoother. When I go over rough patches of roads, hit potholes, etc. the car does not creak and squeak like it used to, as I’m sure the dash isn’t getting tweaked slightly as the chassis twists. Now, I get more of a clean thump from the front end. I also noted that the front end doesn’t wash out as much, and holds a line much better in the corners.

Product Information

UPCGarage Star GS-FB-V2
Product TypeOil
Price (excl. tax)$219.95
Shipping_Cost 25.0
Additional_Shipping_Cost 10.0
Weight 144.0
Length 14.0
Width 30.0
Height 3.0