Motul RBF 600 - Racing DOT 4 1/2L (16.9 fl.oz.)


Product Description

Extreme high performance racing brake fluid. Made from synthetic polyglycol, this fluid outperforms silicon fluid without any of the compatibility issues. With a wet boiling point comparable to many other DOT4 fluid's dry boiling point, and a dry boiling point that surpasses them, RBF600 is the best brake fluid on the market for a dual purpose track/street car. This also means that once inside your car, the fluid will last longer in the elements and extremes of performance and track driving. The bottle is sealed with pure nitrogen rather than air to prevent contamination and ensure a higher shelf life. Dry boiling point: 594 *F (312 *C) Wet boiling point: 421 *F (216 *C)

Product Information

UPCMotul 100949.0
Product TypeOil
Price (excl. tax)$21.60
Height 10.0
Width 10.0
Length 10.0
Weight 15.0